Casio CTS400BK 61 key keboard

Casio CTS400BK 61 key keboard

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Redefining what makes a ‘real’ instrument, the CT-S400’s AiX Sound Source technology interprets the expressive complexity of musical instruments. With a rainbow of sounds to choose from, you never need to stop playing. Piano, strings, brass, synthesizer, bass and drums – 600 tones mean you are no longer restricted to one genre and the world of music is yours to explore.
Which one will inspire you today?

More Features

  • Touch Response – add intensity and rich expression to each note you play
  • Tone Memory – store all your favorite tones and settings for instant recall
  • Layer Function – expand your performance range by layering two tones
  • Metronome – keep time in practice and performance
  • MIDI Recorder – record your performances and play them back
  • Phones/output jack – tuck yourself away from the world around you as you play

Input/Output Terminals

1 USB TO HOST terminal
2 USB TO DEVICE terminal
3 DC 9.5V terminal

5 AUDIO IN jack
6 PEDAL jack