Enya Nova Go Smart Guitar AI Version Purple

Enya Nova Go Smart Guitar AI Version Purple

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Enya Nova Go 35" Carbon Fibre Acoustic Smart Guitar
Enya's Nova Go guitar is the world's premier travel-size carbon fibre acoustic guitar. An incredibly lightweight and heat/water-resistant instrument, it offers superior resonance and a remarkable bright acoustic tone. It also features built-in effects that can be used acoustically or through an amplifier, thanks to Enya’s patented AcousticPlus® pickup system. This allows the newly developed D1 DSP smart audio chip and SP1 audio processor to control the effects and provide bluetooth connection with the Enya Music app for added features. As a continuation of Enya's carbon fibre line, it is a well-developed instrument that provides outstanding feel and sound in the player's hands.

Available Verions: Acoustic or AcousticPlus®
- standard acoustic guitar
AcousticPlus® - featuring in-built effects and pickup (you're viewing this model)

Unique Carbon Fibre Material & Body Design
Enya's revolutionary acoustic carbon fibre material is the driving force behind the impressive Nova Go models. Expertly crafted for exceptional durability, resilience, and sound quality, the Nova Go is a compact acoustic guitar featuring a large-curved panel and bow-shaped back panel, delivering a crisp and bright original sound. The guitar is designed for ultimate portability, measuring only 35 inches in length, 88mm at its thickest point, and weighing a mere 1.8kg, distinguishing it as the lightest of all Enya designs.

The Nova Go's half-sized, all-in-one molded body design boasts superior cohesion between the neck, top, and bridge, negating player concerns relative to neck or bridge movement. The guitar also features a neck with a truss rod, providing further adjustability and customization for the string action, along with the inclusion of a Zero Fret attribute for smoother, more accurate tuning. The resulting design of both the Nova Go and the Nova Go SP1 is truly unique and innovative, making them must-have models for the discerning, travelling musician.

AcousticPlus® Pickup & Effects System
Enya's patented AcousticPlus® 2.0 SP1 pickup and effects system presents a remarkable breakthrough for guitarists. Not only can the guitar connect to an amplifier, but also it provides reverb, delay, and fusion effects directly through the guitar without plugging in. Inside the guitar's body, a small actuator acts as a speaker to produce the effects, amplified from the guitar body itself. The innovative system features a single control knob that users can use to adjust the volume and select their desired effect. The ‘Green’ option allows players to switch between typical acoustic play and chorus effect when connected to an amp. Conveniently, with the guitar's USB-C cable, users not only can charge the guitar for powering the effects, but also enjoy a convenient digital output, allowing for direct computer connection to record creative ideas without needing an audio interface.

Enya's Music App: A Comprehensive Tool for Musicians
Enya's Music App is a free mobile application that offers a wide range of features tailored perfectly for musicians. By double tapping the control button, users can connect via Bluetooth to the app and control the built-in effects, as well as access additional features such as EQ control, tuner and metronome. The app also offers a dynamic drum machine with a vast array of beat patterns to help keep players in time and inspire new musical ideas. The app is available for download in your device's app store under the name "Enya Music".

Package Includes: 
1x Nova Go Guitar (AcousticPlus® version)
1x Quality travel case
1x USB Type-C charging Cable
1x Polishing cloth
1x Leather strap
1x Instruction manual


  • Carbon fibre all-in-one-piece molding
  • Patented AcousticPlus® D1 chip and SP1 intelligent pickup & effects system
  • Easily switch between 4 effects with one click (Clean: Acoustic-Chorus & Effects: Reverb/Delay/Fusion)
  • USB-C charging and digital recording connection
  • Connect to the Enya Music app using Bluetooth (EQ, Tuner, Metronome, Drum Beats)
  • Lightweight and convenient, excellent traveller style guitar
  • Round-end metal frets & round-edged body
  • Arched back & radius fretboard
  • Heat-resistant
  • Water-resistant surface & easy to clean


Size 35" (1/2) 
Body Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Neck Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Fretboard Radius (R380) - Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Bridge Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Fret wire Round End Frets
Tuning Machine Black Diecast Premium Steel
Nut & Saddle Bone
Strings D'Addario EXP16
Finish Satin
Number of Frets 20
Scale Length 23-1/8"
Weight 3.7 lbs
Lower Bout 11-3/4"
Body Depth 2-7/8"
Pickup (Optional) ENYA SP1 AcousticPlus® pickup & effects system
  • Buying Option: AcousticPlus Version - Purple