Gibralter 700 Series Hardware Pack

Gibralter 700 Series Hardware Pack

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The G5 Hardware pack features updated G style super lock height adjustments, 3-tier stands with hinged height adjustments, two-point hideaway boom and cast metal collars. All these features make this the post popular hardware packs in the offering.

Three-tier stands with hinged height adjustments
Nylon inserts at contact points for no metal to metal contact
Two-point hideaway cymbal boom with 18” solid rod
All cast collars with replaceable captive threaded nuts

Pack Includes:
GI5706 Double Braced Medium-weight Snare Stand
GI5707 Double Braced Medium-weight Hi Hat Stand
GI5709 Double Braced Medium-weight Boom Stand
GI5710 Double Braced Medium-weight Cymbal Stand
GI5711S Single Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal