HEADWAY Acoustic Preamp/DI EDM1

HEADWAY Acoustic Preamp/DI EDM1

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Serious equipment for serious musicians made simple.

A gigging musician playing any acoustic instrument will know the difficulties in reproducing the sonic qualities at a cafe or pub gig, that sounded so great at home.

The EDM-1 Acoustic Pre-Amp solves these problems by taking the signal from the instruments’ pickup and giving you complete control over the bass, mid and treble, helping to add a richness while achieving a beautifully clean sound.

Control like never before.

The Range control is a Hi-Pass filter that has settings for several different instruments including; Rock Acoustic (300Hz), Ukulele, Violin/Mandolin, Viola, Tenor G, Bouzouki, Guitar (80Hz), Low D Guitar, Cello, Baritone and Bass. Able to be mounted on a belt clip or screwed onto a mic stand, the EDM-1 is built into a sturdy metal casing which comes with a set of batteries and rubber feet.

The EDM-1 is an essential piece of kit for acoustic players - solo, duet or in a small band - who need to keep a handle over their sound and deliver an authentic acoustic tone to the masses.


• 3 Band EQ

• Tuneable “Range” Control covers all instruments

• 9v Phantom Power assignable to “Ring” or “Tip”

• XLR Adaptor included - Converts Output Jack to XLR Balanced DI Out

• 3 Way Impedance Selector

• Earth Lift Switch

• Mute Switch

• Battery, Mains (adapter optional) or Phantom Powered