Makai Soprano Uke Solid Cedar & Rosewood Body LK-80RG

Makai Soprano Uke Solid Cedar & Rosewood Body LK-80RG

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The Makai LK-80R Soprano ukulele has a solid Spruce top back and sides with solid Rosewood back and sides to produce a rich sound quality you would expect at an affordable price. It is easy to hold which makes it the perfect size for children and is easy to carry and store. Its size is ideal for easier fretting of big stretches.

Cedar is a light to reddish wood used primarily for soundboards and probably makes one of the best sounding ukuleles. Rosewood exists in different colors and textures and is today used manly on fret boards. The sound of a Rosewood body ukulele is sweet and round.


  • Nato neck
  • Aquila strings
  • Solid Cedar top
  • Bone Nut and Saddle
  • Beautiful Ebony fingerboard
  • Highly polished glossy finish
  • Side-geared tuners with black buttons
  • Industry standard scale in total length