Yamaha Stage Custom SD265A 14 x 5 Snare Drum

Yamaha Stage Custom SD265A 14 x 5 Snare Drum

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Size : 14"x5 1/2" Steel snare drum model of Stage Custom series.

Triple Flange Steel Hoop

This hoop can be used in all situations for a wide open sound.

Snare Bed

Snare bed depth greatly influences snare effectiveness making it the most important factor in creating the snare drum sound. This model's snare bed is stanndard 1.8mm.


B type (Release) and DC type (Butt).

One-piece Lugs

Our high-tension one-piece lugs can accommodate heads tensioned to the limit.


Short Hi-carbon steel 20 strands (SN1420CP) for 14" and 13"x5 1/2" sizes.Short Hi-carbon steel 20 strands (SN1320CP) for 13"x4" size.Short Hi-carbon steel 14 strands for 12" and 10"sizes.Short Hi-carbon steel 20 strands for Stage Custom Steel Snare Drums*Snare Plate (Pat. Pend.)Yamaha snare plates offer superior snare to head contact due to the slight bend in their design. When the string is drawn tight, the edge of the patented snare plate is pulled upward putting the snare in full contact with the head. Snare platesin the CP series are made using a special bonding agent between the plate and the coil that provides greater durabilityand finer response compared to previous designs. Snare coils on CP series snare drums are now covered with a specialnew finish that allows more of the material's tone to come through.*Strong Snare StringsNylon strings are covered with a nylon braid for maximum strength and durability.