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Professional Series Bb Clarinet, Key: Bb, 65 mm barrel,Grenadilla body, Silver-plated keys, Silver-plated ligature and mouthpiece cap.

The 650 is an excellent alternative for those who are serious about their clarinet performance but need to watch their budget. The specifications of its bell, barrel, toneholes and other features are very close to those of the Custom SEV model, so its sound is warm, round, and deeply resonant. Made of carefully select and seasoned Grenadilla wood and boasting an enormous amount of handcrafting and hand finishing, the 650 features tapered toneholes which are undercut by hand for precise intonation and superior tonal balance. It also features beautifully sculpted keys whose touch has been regulated by master artisans for perfect balance.

Leather pads were chosen after extensive testing with an emphasis on sound quality.

These pads improve the tone and response of the instrument, making it easier to produce a beautiful, warm tone

Leather pads offer improved response because of a more secure seating position, and produce an outstanding, even tone throughout all registers, as evident on our Custom model clarinets.

    The smallest variation in the taper of the barrel and bell can have a large influence on resonance, tone, and intonation, and the barrel shape promotes efficient breath flow through the instrument.

    The bell's inner dimensions feature an original Yamaha shape that results in improved lower joint intonation.

      Superior playability

      This model features an adjustable thumb rest with strap ring.

      The thumb rest can be set to a height that is most comfortable for each individual.

      The thumb rest also includes a ring that can provide a convenient location for strap attachment when needed.

        Designed and crafted for excellent feel, the keys are adjusted by hand using techniques adopted from the manufacturing process of the Custom models.

          This model features longer E/B levers and C#/G# keys.

          This design reduces the likelihood of fingers slipping off the keys while playing, preventing fingering mistakes.